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Despite the violence, he said he does recycle at home. "I try to the best I can," Gardner laughed. "Maybe I'll take that trash can home with me." Gardner: Judge has put MLB 'on notice' Gardner was more worried about the bat that broke while hitting the can, since it beltedfour home runs since Saturday. As for his teammates, Gardner said they were still quiet around him for the remainder of the game. "They probably think I'm still angry and are afraid to say something," Gardner said. "I'm sure they'll fine me or something, but it was all in good fun. Great win by us." Following in the footsteps of former Yankee outfielder Paul O'Neill -- who occasionally took his frustrations out on water coolers in the dugout -- Garder was glad he saved his anger for the recycling can rather than something more dangerous. "Better that than the cement wall or something else, somebody else's bat," Gardner said. "So it's all good." Chris Ryan may be reached at cryan@njadvancemedia.com . Follow him on Twitter @ChrisRyan_NJ .

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