And if you use scaffolding on site, make sure it’s installed properly, and workers are supervised when using it. 2.       Trenches. Always inspect trenches before workers enter them and after weather events like rain, snow, or ice to make sure there’s no danger of collapse. Most trenches require protective systems, and deep trenches require a protective system designed by a professional engineer. Refer to OSHA’s Excavation Standards for requirements. 3.       Electrocution. When employees and equipment work in close proximity to power lines, utilities and electrical equipment, there’s a chance of electrocution. Know the distance requirements for power lines and only let properly trained individuals handle dangerous electrical equipment. Take advantage of onboard technology — like E-Fence on Cat® excavators — to keep machines and operators out of harm’s way. 4.       Missing PPE. A lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) like hard hats, safety glasses or goggles, masks, gloves, work boots and high-visibility clothing puts workers at risk from falling or flying objects and exposure to chemicals, dust, and respiratory hazards. Provide your team with plenty of PPE for the job and hold them accountable for wearing it. 5.       Lack of training. Accidents happen when workers aren’t aware of hazards more info or don’t know how to handle them. Provide hazard briefings and toolbox safety talks for every jobsite and crew, ensure all operators have the training and certification required for their machines, and make safety training frequent and accessible. 6.       Digital distractions.


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