St John Ambulance rolls out first purpose-built logistics vehicles16 November 2020 St John Ambulance is preparing to deploy a new fleet of eight specially-designed logistics vehicles that will be used initially to provide front-line support to the NHS and local communities. Based on MAN TGE flat frame chassis cowls, the 3.5-tonners have been fitted by Bevan Group with crash-tested bulkheads and innovative plastic bodies which, as well as being easily cleaned inside and out, are also said to be lightweight. Early duties will include supplying vital medical equipment to satellite sites, from where it is despatched to re-stock ambulances. Once the events calendar in England picks up again, the vehicles can be assigned to their primary role – ensuring that St John Ambulance volunteers have all they need to provide their potentially life-saving support. The front-wheel drive MAN sits 190mm lower than a standard TGE chassis cab, while the plastic box is bonded directly to the chassis, rather than being bolted onto a sub-frame in the conventional manner. This meant Bevan Group could devise a drawbridge-style, full closure rear door that doubles as a ramp description – the relatively shallow load angle allows heavy equipment to be winched onto the load bed. This solution is easy to use and offers a further, valuable weight saving over a tail-lift that would require two LOLER inspections each year, and specific training for operatives. As a result, the charity’s first purpose-built logistics vehicles comfortably exceed the 1.0-tonne payload target set out by national fleet manager Rob MacIntosh and his team at the beginning of the project. Strategically based at St John Ambulance locations nationwide, the vehicles carry everything required to build and kit out mobile medical centres at major events and incident scenes. The on-board inventory includes defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs and stretchers, as well as generators and inflatable shelters, all of which is stowed on shelving and in cages. The doctors, nurses, paramedics and first aiders who freely give their own time to keep communities safe provide a medical service that includes triage, assessment and primary care, as well as potentially life-saving initial care in cases of critical illness and major trauma. MacIntosh said that in the past St John Ambulance had used two or three panel vans to do the same job as one of the new logistics vehicles, or 7.5-tonne trucks which it had now stood down because of the requirement for drivers without ‘grandfather rights’ to have an additional C1 entitlement on their licences. “The challenge, therefore, was to come up with a 3.5-tonne concept capable of fulfilling this role,” he recalled. “The vehicle as delivered is entirely fit-for-purpose – everything has a place on the body, and we’ve been undertaking familiarisation training with volunteers from all over the country, so they understand how best to remove and return equipment as efficiently as possible.” The MAN TGEs are powered by 138bhp engines which are paired, in most cases, with eight-speed automatic gearboxes. To ensure compliance, Bevan Group also installed axle load weighing systems. The vehicles are expected to have a 10-year life.


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Lifestyle Appliance & Entertainment Center underwent a facelift during the past year which is almost complete. Business has been strong through the coronavirus pandemic. Kathy Steiner / The Sun Editor's note: This story is advertorial content that is part of the 2021 "Essential to Jamestown" special edition of The Jamestown Sun. The annual Progress Edition features stories on essential workers, agencies and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. Lifestyle Appliance & Entertainment Center continued to serve customers during the coronavirus pandemic. “We were lucky enough when some of the businesses were closing down to be considered an essential business with selling fridges, washers, that type of thing that people can’t do without,” said Toni Wegenast, who owns the business with her husband, Colin. “When they started talking about what was essential and what wasn’t, we didn’t know where we were going to land in that,” she said. “But especially during a pandemic when people are sick, washers to sanitize things are pretty essential, fridges are always essential. ...” Colin noted employees carried hand sanitizer and wore face masks on calls. They also asked health screening questions before delivering products or providing services in customers' homes, Toni said. “Everybody was really good about that through this,” she said. “And we asked our employees for the first couple of months to limit travel to near (Jamestown) to keep them and customers safe. We got really lucky employee and customer wise all through this.” Although traffic in the store initially slowed, Toni said, there were more phone discussions and phone orders. The store also offered curbside service for people to pick up parts they needed. Toni and Colin believe more home projects were done in the last year and with that came the need for appliances. “We had a really good year through all this even with all the worries and obviously that’s thanks to our customers, we can’t do it without them at all,” Toni said. What Lifestyle Appliance has been dealing with is a shortage of some products, something other industries have also dealt with, said Colin. Many companies shut down for a few months because of the pandemic and after reopening they had “hundreds of thousands of pieces on backorders,” Toni said. Colin thanked their customers for being patient during the shortage of products and noted availability is improving. Lifestyle Appliance took advantage of having less inventory when that was occurring to do a facelift at the store which is almost complete, Toni said. That included paint, flooring, ceiling and lighting, rearranging the display floor and moving the retail counter from the front of the store to the back to allow better display of products.